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FSC - Focused Supply Chain

We invite you to explore the intricacies of supply chain management from the perspective of integrated planning by engaging in training sessions built upon the wealth of experience offered by MPM consultants. Our Focused Supply Chain training programs are crafted with a commitment to experimenting with diverse solutions, tools, concepts, and ideas in integrated planning.

These sessions place a strong emphasis on implementation, leveraging best practices compiled by APICS. The training sessions adhere to a standardized implementation plan, incorporating detailed case studies and exercises. They integrate the latest trends in supply chain management, including Theory of Constraints. This pragmatic approach resonates with the needs of most companies, emphasizing practicality as a key benefit of the training.
Participating in these training sessions offers the chance to apply the acquired knowledge afterward. Standard implementation plans, ABCD checklists for enterprise self-assessment (based on Oliver's Wight guidelines supporting integrated MRPII/ERP planning), and additional tools provided during and after training will facilitate this process.

The training cycle focused on production and logistics planning comprises sessions that begin with an introduction to the supply chain and gradually delve into various elements. These elements include Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Master Production Scheduling (MPS), inventory management, production scheduling, and extending to topics such as building business and operational strategies.

SCM | Supply Chain Management
MPP | Master Planning Policy
IMP | Inventory Management Policy
PSC | Production Scheduling & Control
BOS | Business & Operations Strategy

At MPM Productivity Management, our focus lies in aiding the enhancement of supply chains through training and coaching for planning teams, particularly in implementation and optimization areas. Please take a closer look at the suggested training paths for:

...and a variety of other SCM processes and tasks.


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