DDMRP Method

The Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) method incorporates and provides a clear framework for utilizing tools from Lean Manufacturing, Theory of Constraints, Six Sigma, MRP (Material Requirements Planning), and DRP (Distribution Requirements Planning), supporting an innovative approach to planning. DDMRP expands on the APICS/ASCM standard and enables organizations to prepare for increasing customer demands.

It allows for the construction, positioning, and management of inventory buffers, protecting and optimizing the flow of critical information and materials. The DDMRP method supports planning and management operations, procurement, and distribution in a dynamically changing market environment. It safeguards planning and operations against growing customer demands for reducing lead time, improving service levels, and enhancing product complexity. It aids in achieving the desired level of customer service and ensuring the availability of necessary materials/finished goods. Through clear and understandable visualization of priorities, it supports making the right decisions.

DDBrix. Business Game - Introduction and Workshops on DDMRP

DDP (Demand Driven Planner) Introduction to DDMRP Methods

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