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With over 25 years of experience, we specialize in organizing and optimizing supply chain operations, particularly in sales planning, operations, and production.

We offer advisory, training, and implementation services, prioritizing people and communication. Our approach emphasizes the interconnectedness of all processes within the company, recognizing that 'no department is an island'

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How to create a reliable forecast?
How to reduce forecast error?
How can we persuade sales to provide reliable data?
How do we manage demand volatility, balancing stable production and procurement with the required flexibiliy for our customers?

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What are the step by step procedures for implementing S&OP?
How can conflicting departments be reconciled effectively through S&OP?
What strategies can be employed to optimally plan, verify and utilize company resources?
How can S&OP be leveraged as a strategic implementation tool rather than merely a routine meeting?

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How can we effectively manage excessively high inventory levels?
What strategies can ensure that inventory maintains production liquidity?
What steps should be taken if customer service levels remain low despite relatively high inventory?
How can we address an excess of unnecessary inventory?

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Is DDMRP the right method for your business?
How to plan based on customer orders?
How to build a stable and easy-to-use system for planning the distribution of finished goods, production planning or material demand?
How can DDMRP help you reduce inventory while improving customer service?

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What to do with long production lead times?
How to ensure production follows submitted plans?
What if production priorities keep changing?
How to drastically simplify scheduling?

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"The significant improvement in quality, and consequently, the accuracy of planning and forecasting processes conducted in our company, is the best confirmation of the quality and recommendation for the S&OP project."

Nordglass Group, Marek Grabowski, CCO/BM

“The foundations of MPS and MRP have been established. Demand forecasting has been implemented. The implementation of the S&OP process has begun. Perhaps most importantly, a comprehensive approach to supply chain management has been adopted, articulating real issues and gradually addressing them.”

Animex Foods, Andrzej Abramowicz, Dyrektor Zarządzający i Paweł Stępniak, Prokurent

"(...) schedules are more stable, the production department has a much clearer picture of priorities. Procurement reports fewer exceptions, resulting in fewer changes in purchase orders."

Scanfil Polska, Jakub Juchner, Supply Chain Manager

"(...) the team not only obtained factual and data-based identification of the weakest links but also adequate knowledge to improve them.”

Valeo SEE, Ewa Wawer-Modrakowska, Supply Chain Manager

"The fundamental positive outcome we achieved together is the ability for individuals from different departments of the company to communicate using a clear business language and a standardized description of processes according to the APICS standard."

Coca-Cola HBC Polska, Dominik Czerwiński, Innovation Manager / SAP Business Process Leader

"The knowledge and experience of MPM consultants and trainers were crucial in the successful implementation of the new management and planning approach within the company."

Grupa Maspex Wadowice Grzegorz Woźniak, Szef Planowania Zintegrowanego

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