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Our company, established in 1998, has been serving the Polish market with expertise in supply chain management. Our core specialization lies in offering consultations and training in integrated planning, production management, and supply chain logistics. We are dedicated to supporting implementation efforts in these crucial areas.

We provide supply chain management professionals with practical, experience-based strategies to prioritize key objectives and address daily challenges effectively. Our support extends to SCM managers, assisting them in regaining control of their supply chains. Additionally, we offer specialized training to enhance the professional competencies of supply chain specialists, empowering them to optimize daily processes within their organizations.

We carefully select our consultants to ensure they are seasoned practitioners with extensive experience, not only within the training sector but, more importantly, in manufacturing companies. These consultants have firsthand experience managing supply chain processes, making them well-equipped to provide practical and effective guidance.

Over the past 25 years, our products have evolved in response to the ever-changing needs of our customers and our commitment to addressing their daily challenges. We derive strength and inspiration from our interactions with clients during implementations, training sessions, seminars, and company meetings.

To date, we have organized approximately 2,000 training sessions, attracting over 21,000 participants from more than 1,200 companies.

We proudly serve as the first official representative of the American association APICS* in Poland and Eastern Europe, currently operating as an International Channel Partner. Since our inception, we have maintained a steadfast collaboration with the APICS organization, delivering APICS-accredited knowledge for 25 years.

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