About MPM Productivity Management

MPM Productivity Management Sp. z o.o. is a training and consulting company specializing in advising and trainings in the field of supply chain management and production management as well as logistics in the process of creating added value. MPM was created in 1998 and currently cooperates with 9 consultants. 

Since January 2009, the MPM Productivity Management has been the first official representative of the American Association APICS in Poland and Eastern Europe, currently as an International Channel Partner a provider of knowledge authorized by that institution. 

The offer of MPM Productivity Management Sp. z o.o. covers a wide range of services under several major substantive areas:

  • Certification in Production and Inventory Management according to APICS standards - Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM): Supply Chain Management - Foundation (BSCM) Master Planning of Resources (MPR), Detailed Scheduling and Planning (DSP), Execution and Control of Operations - Production Scheduling (ECO), Strategic Management of Resources (SMR);
  • Professional Purchase Management (PPM): Purchasing Process Operations (PPO), Strategic Procurement Management (PPS);
  • Forecasting and Demand Management (FCST);
  • Warehouse Management (Warehouse Management & Inventory Control – WMIC),
  • Workshops and seminars for Supply Chain
  • Global Challenge- The Fresh Connection- open competition


The Company’s original projects are programs such as FCST, PPM and a series of closed workshops tailored to the client with the purpose to overcome the barriers in communication between the organization’s departments, and thereby achieving highest productivity.

The philosophy of MPM Productivity Management Sp. z o.o. is persistence and consistency in the pursuit of purpose and lasting relationships with clients based on openness and truth. The company strives for continuous improvement of its customers work, eliminating waste and continuous improvement in productivity. The underlying value respected by the company in its actions, is focus on the customer needs as well as the consultants responsibility for the quality and results of the conducted projects. MPM Productivity Management Sp. z o.o. is a founding member of the Polish Chamber of Training Companies.

Our customers include multinational companies and large and medium-sized enterprises from Poland, including: Bridgestone Europe, Ersi / Ergomoulds, Hispano-Suiza Poland, Kimball Electronics Poland, Lincoln Electric Bester, Maspex, Oriflame Products Poland, Orlen Oil, Philips, Reckitt Benckiser, U.S. Pharmacia, W. Kruk.